Few Words About Us

Cost effective homebuilders in Manitoba

With extensive hands-on home building experience since 2005, Cobblestone Homes has proven to be an efficient and cost effective home builder with a flair for creative and unique designs.

Smiling faces

With the client and Cobblestone working as a single entity, the finished result is always satisfying. Due to this, clients have referred their friends and family to Cobblestone Homes. When Cobblestone Homes is chosen to build a new home in Manitoba, every detail is looked after and no corners are cut. With a highly experienced, intuitive and intelligent staff, Cobblestone Homes can tackle all home building issues with ease and finesse. Cobblestone Homes understands the importance of having a supportive team of individuals who are adept in understanding the vision and delivering it on time.

Offering the Personal Touch

Cobblestone Homes offers extensive and integrated home building solutions in Manitoba. Cobblestone Homes is fully adept at bringing your dreams to reality. With an experienced In-House Draftsman, you watch your home being built right from the beginning. Once your new home plan has been created by the Cobblestone Homes design team, the Project Manager will take over every aspect of the home building process. Together with the Client Services Representative, they are instrumental in explaining and organizing the building procedures and processes to you, the client.